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Hi, I am Vanessa the founder of Social Butterfly Concepts. I’ve always found myself to have a more creative side. I couldn’t pass Spanish for the life of me in high school, but in order for me to graduate I had to take all art classes. Upon graduating high school, I began my college education journey at the College of DuPage. Shortly after, I transferred and graduated with my associates degree at Harrington College of Design. I completed my college education with a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design at Illinois Institute of Design and Technology.
Connecting Businesses

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My passion for helping businesses with social media began when my husband and I started our own Plumbing business, Aquaduct Plumbing Services. While I couldn’t tell you how to fix a leaky faucet, but I can tell you how to create a perfect post for your business social media page. I manage behind the scenes while my husband and crew work hard out in the community.

This is when I found my love for social media, branding, networking, and marketing for businesses.

I built our first website, created the vision of our brand and managed all our social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all on my own. I joined local chambers to help build business relationships and to become more involved in my community. You can also see me at many networking events.

Now that Aquaduct Plumbing Services is established, it is time to focus on my dream. It’s time for me to focus on what I love to do and what I excel at. I look forward to helping businesses brand, manage their social media accounts, and learn to network so that you can focus on serving your customers, as well as to strive and reach for your goals.

Vanessa Kapus


Connection is our priority and our expertise.